I'm delighted to receive word from producer, composer (and recovering lawyer) James Milsom over at The Rule Book that after several months in the works he has now released the first of two podcasts about some research I carried out in Israel between 2012 and 2014 on the targeted killing of Palestinians. You can listen to the first part below, or if you want to listen on the move, it's also available on iTunesSpotify and many other podcast services.   

Focused prevention tells the story of how Israel invented and developed a legal framework to  enable, regulate, and legitimise the targeted killing of Palestinians. The story starts in 2000, with the beginning of the second Palestinian Intifada (uprising) and includes interviews with some of Israel's most well-known former military lawyers, most feared - and unfortunately hated - journalists, as well as a devastatingly honest advocate of Palestinian human rights. We meet some of the very men and women who devised new laws that would make it legal - at least in their eyes - to assassinate individual Palestinians who they suspected to be enemies of Israel.

This isn't a 007 fiction: the policy has existed for nearly two decades, has been extensively documented, and has killed well over 500 Palestinians (here + here + here) - many of them civilians. And that was before human rights organisations stopped counting these deaths after 'Operation Protective Edge' in the summer of 2014.  

There's lots more I can and will say in the coming weeks about both the content and the process of working on a podcast - the first of many, I hope -  but I'm wary of giving too many spoilers. So join James and I for Focused prevention part I and stay tuned for part II.